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The Tla’amin Nation Experience – Currently unavailable due to Covid-19

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Enjoy a two-night package and go back in time to learn how people not only survived, but thrived along B.C.’s rugged west coast.

Tla’amin Nation Experience guests will enjoy:

  • Two nights accommodation
  • A blanket ceremony
  • A Cedar Weaving workshop
  • Traditional canoe paddle (weather permitting)
  • Language and cultural class
  • Sea-side dining
  • Transformative location; a fishing village dating back well over 5,500 years

The exclusive Tla’amin Nation Experience package is delivered by Tla’amin Nation members, including Sosan Blaney and Elsie Paul. Hosted by The Lund Resort At Klah ah men.

Elsie Paul is a nationally renowned First Nations Elder, language warrior and an award-winning author for her book, Written as I Remember It : Teachings (ʔəms taʔaw) from the Life of a Sliammon Elder where she shares her life as a child, mother and Chi-Chia (grandmother), along with legends and traditions she learned. Elsie is also well-respected for her Tla’amin language and cultural work, which she will be sharing at the Tla’amin Nation Experience weekend.

For Sosan Blaney, weaving is both meditative, calming and a way to connect with her culture. She learned to weave when she was seven years old, from the Elders of the Tla’amin Nation on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast.

“They would get together on the weekends and weave,” said Blaney, who says these weekend weaving sessions not only awaken a creative passion in her, but were a wonderful way of learning the language and traditions of the Tla’amin.

She first learned to weave with the roots of the cedar tree and then later on, at around 12 years of age, learned how to weave cedar bark. It wasn’t until her early 20s that she learned Salish-style wool weaving. She looks forward to sharing this part of Tla’amin culture with those visiting the Tla’amin territory.