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Desolation Sound


Even the name evokes a sense of wonder; an impression of something larger and more emotionally captivating than a park. The reality is every bit as magical as the promise. Desolation Sound is the largest marine park in a land famous for large marine parks. Where the northern terminus of the Malaspina Strait and the entrance to Homfray Channel meet, Desolation Sound bursts into view, boasting 60 kilometers of shoreline, dotted throughout with coves, inlets and islands; a visual, geographical and marine marvel for all boating, ocean and nature enthusiasts.

Extraordinarily beautiful, the Sound is framed by the towering Coastal Mountain Range, which extends north and west from the mainland. Tours operate from the Lund Resort throughout the summer season, featuring many opportunities to explore and discover this natural phenomenon.

Copeland Island

sunset views

The Ragged Islands, as we call them here, are home to some of the most awe-inspiring sunset views over the Georgia Strait toward Vancouver Island one can ever hope to witness. The Copeland Islands is an archipelago filled with marine life; a bustling maze of islands and islets, home to gulls, cormorants, sandpipers and oyster catchers.

Snorkelling is excellent, the water warm, and the opportunities for exploration virtually endless. As a stopover enroute to Desolation Sound, or as a day trip in itself, the Copeland Islands can be accessed from the Lund Resort within a 60-90 minute paddle, depending on how much elbow grease you put into it. Tours abound from the resort to experience this natural wonder.

Savary Island

beach life

Savary has more nicknames than any other Gulf Island, mostly due to the fact that it has more fans than any other Gulf Island. It also has more beaches and warmer waters than any other Gulf Island. Talk about blessed. It is the south pacific of the pacific northwest, with it’s brilliant white sand beaches stretching for miles, and massive sandbars opening up for some of the most breathtaking day hikes imaginable.

The island extends east to west, oddly, running 8km long, and at its widest, just 1km wide.  From a bird’s eye view, the island has the shape of a snake – although some of us see a bird in flight – a bat out of heaven if you will, if such a thing could exist. Captain Vancouver named the island, recording in his journal in 1792, that they had  sailed past an island lying in an east-west direction, “having beauty such as we have seldom enjoyed”.

For an estimated 5,500 – 6,000 years, the island has been inhabited by the Coast Salish, Tla’amin First Nations who called the island Ayhus, meaning double-headed serpent. “The greedy serpent is said to have been trying to reach its cave on Hurtado Point when the Transformer spotted it from the sky and changed it into this island.” Daytrips from the Lund Resort to experience this magnificent island are available throughout summer, and should not be missed.

Marine Charters


Lund is situated at the doorstep of numerous islands, marine parks and protected waterways ready to be explored by boat or by kayak with knowledgeable, certified local guides. Rich in marine life and human and natural history, the sights, sounds and smells of the Salish Sea will captivate and engage all your senses.

Full day tours include a delicious on shore lunch with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


paddle’s up

BC’s Sunshine Coast is home to some of the most spectacular kayaking in the world, and Lund sits at the top of the coast’s many amazing locations. With some of the warmest waters north of the caribbean, abundant sea life, whales, dolphins and otters aplenty, there is a lot to love about taking the silent stream approach to exploring these waters. The Lund Resort, with our eco-tourism partners, have options for every level of kayaker, and every type of group, from single explorer to family floater.

Discover Savary Island, The Copeland Islands, enjoy a 2-hour or a 6-hour adventure.  From the resort, everything is available.



When you get to the end of the highway, the longest highway in North America, where can you go? The answer is, anywhere. From the Lund Resort, a short walk can turn into a long journey, should you be in the mood for adventure. There are any number of amazing, stupefyingly beautiful hikes available, and we’ll help you find the ones that are right for you.

The Sunshine Coast Trail, which begins at Sarah Point, about 12 kilometers north of Lund, runs 180 kilometers south as the feet move, all the way to Saltery Bay. On the trail, there are hut to hut hikes, mountain lake hikes, moderate forest hikes and challenging nature hikes – something for every level of fitness and preference.

From our Salish Seas Nature Village, you can find the Dinner Rock Trail, also known at the Browne Creek Trail. According to Sunshine Coast Tourism: This is a great hike that combines piney forest and ocean views.  The arbutus trees along the route are quite spectacular as well, especially in the fall as the neat orangey-red bark becomes even more vivid in colour. The area is well suited for hiking and mountain biking, so be mindful of the other users on the path.  The beginning of this trail along Browne Creek is a nice, wide, flat biking trail, and even has a few “slow down” signs. Along this trail you could see many snakes and frogs among the ferns and forest.


food from the sea

Every kind of fishing awaits the angler in Lund and Desolation Sound.  Whether you come to visit us by boat, float plane or car, we can help set you up with a fishing charter for saltwater or lake fishing.

Visit our Stockpile store to grab your gear, and many other essentials for a day of fishing, and let our concierge help you plan your catch.

Here’s a short list of charter services to get your started:

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Pristine Charters

Tel. 604-483-4541  pristinecharters.com
Fishing and sightseeing, lunch and dinner cruises

Gail Warning Charters

Tel. 604-487-4446
Fishing and sightseeing

Y-Knot Charters

Tel. 604-483-3243
Sightseeing tours, power boat rentals. Will pick you up at Desolation Sound Resort

Marine Traders

Tel. 604-485-4624
For all your fishing, boating and hunting gear

Powell River Outdoors

Tel. 604-485-2555
Store for all your outdoor needs and advice on fishing and hunting

Jimmy Jack Charters
Tel. 604-414-9892
Fishing charters

Scuba Diving

under water freedom

In a land surrounded by pristine pacific ocean, Scuba opportunities abound in Lund BC. This information is from the Sunshine Coast Tourism site: In Powell River waters, the Iron Mines near Lund feature a plethora of life clinging to the vertical walls that drop into the abyss. Watch for wolf eels and octopus among the sponges. The most popular shore dive is at Mermaid Cove where Canada’s first underwater statue rests serenely; the Emerald Princess is a 9ft sunken bronze mermaid.

Let our concierge help you plan a scuba adventure, and set you up with a charter.